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Business Quality Video Conferencing…It’s Magic, Even for the Scobleizer

August 3, 2015 - 3 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, we had the unique opportunity to support Tech on Deck with Robert Scoble and Scott Jordan. This first-time event was a big success. Remote viewers could actively engage with the hosts and guests, who ranged from Guy Kawasaki to Hap Klopp. The guests joined Robert and Scott using Jabber Guest from as far away as Israel. The discussions were fantastic.

Cisco’s own collaboration SVP Rowan Trollope also joined them from the comfort of his home via a Cisco MX200 G2 endpoint. Robert and Scott were shocked with the quality of the call – especially because it was living-room to living-room.  The quality of the video conferencing coming in over Jabber Guest was also good, but the experience delivered by a purpose-built video endpoint is still unrivaled.

As a marketer for video conferencing, this is the kind of excitement I wish I could bottle up and give to everyone. During a short interview with Robert (recently named #5 in Inc.’s Tech Power Players), we asked him how he uses video in his day-to-day work, about video quality, and the impact video can have in our lives – and how it can be better.

My favorite quote from Robert: “To be able to do this stuff over the Internet for a reasonable cost — to me, it’s magic!” This is coming from someone who covers the latest and greatest technology. I know future generations will come to expect this as the norm. But for those of us currently in the video and UC industry, we should feel proud of our accomplishments while challenged to do even more.

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  1. Great blog and videos

  2. This is super crucial to our relevance and ‘coolness’ in the market place. As a millennial it is SO refreshing to see my company doing awesome stuff like this (without sounding like too much of a millennial).
    Too often big tech companies lose sight of the importance of these kinds of interviews and shoulder rubbing activities. Robert Scoble is so well respected in our industry it is high time we shout from the rooftops our integration with these though leaders.

    • Thanks for the comment Eric! Supporting Tech on Deck was great, Robert and Scott were awesome to work with. We hope to do more things like this in the future!