One of the highlights of my career was being part of the evolution and launch of the Cisco Spark Board. I almost felt the industry come alive with excitement when we introduced this revolutionary all-in-one collaboration device in January. Two months later, the excitement lives on as the Cisco Spark Board receives the award for Best of Enterprise Connect 2017.Best of EC17 Trophy

Within Cisco, we affectionately code-named the board “Darling” during development. We painstakingly worked to carry out our vision of the ultimate meeting room collaboration device. Our Darling does everything you need for effective collaboration in a meeting room: present wirelessly, whiteboard, and conference with audio and video. But Cisco Spark takes it beyond the physical meeting to connect people and teams before, during, and after meetings.

Innovation doesn’t always happen at a specific time in a specific meeting room. The time before and after a meeting is just as important for magical collaboration. That magic lies in the power of the Cisco Spark cloud-based platform. In my opinion, this award should go to the Cisco Spark Board and the Cisco Spark platform.

The Best of Enterprise Connect “recognizes exhibitors who have made significant technological advancements within the enterprise communications and collaboration industry.” We certainly feel the Cisco Spark Board lives up to the recognition based on the feedback we’re getting from customers and industry watchers.

We’re planning to do even more to make Cisco Spark Board experience even more magical and effortless to use. And we’ve still yet to feel the true impact of this incredible product in all the meeting rooms around the world.

Thank you, Enterprise Connect, for validating our vision.



Angie Mistretta

Chief Marketing Officer, AppDynamics