Have you downloaded your adoption toolkits for Webex meetings and teams yet?

You may have noticed that Webex is looking pretty good right now, making billions of minutes of meetings way better. While the engineering team is obsessed over creating experiences users love, customer success is equally as obsessed about adoption.

Adopting any new habit or tool is hard. We get it. You’re busy. Your users are busy too.

But, when you chose to invest in Cisco Webex, you not only chose the world’s best meeting platform, (genius move btw), you are choosing to work with the passionate partners and customer-centric customer success teams. We know just how important it is to you that your business gets the full value of your investment. We want to have your back in making it happen through targeted adoption.

We asked ourselves, how are different types of users achieving success with Webex? We found real humans with real jobs, and asked them about their roles, their teams, and how they work. We listened. We laughed. We may have even cried a little once or twice.

Its official.  Our customers are amazing. 

We learned that engineers are passionate about changing the world and drinking coffee. Marketers just love to share ideas, and sales people are passionate about their customers and building and protecting relationships that enable them to hit their number. Doctors use Webex to consult with global experts on patient cases. Teachers use Webex to break down classroom walls and provide distributed learning. In fact, everyone we met engaged with Webex in many different ways and found a unique value in Webex.

Millions of people use Webex each month to change the world, and we owe it to all of you to make adoption easier. We began to craft content around what users tell us they want to achieve in their day. This meant understanding their workflow and focusing on the unique value of Webex to specific lines of business and roles to win hearts and minds. My team focused heavily on adapting adoption messages across several lines of business to contextualize the Webex experience for each type of user. We developed our first Webex Meetings Adoption Toolkit in May 2018.  We knew we could never capture all the passion, or tell stories that beat what we’d heard from you. This is what prompted us to release editable source files so you can customize the materials to tell your own stories as you seek to build adoption across your team. We shared the toolkit at Collaboration Summit, and waited to see the response.

Something amazing happened – over 10,000 of you downloaded the toolkit, and are building your own adoption adventures! You personalized the use cases, and edited the flyers to drive maximum adoption for your business. Combined with the fresh new look, we’re hearing more “please don’t ever take this away” levels of Webex Meeting adoption.

What are you most proud of achieving over Webex? Tell us by commenting on this blog, or join the conversation with our passionate team. We’ve created a Webex Teams space to keep the conversation going.

If you haven’t used the toolkit or the promotional materials, including infographics and videos, check them out and let us know what you think.