In 2017, our collaboration team focused on the user experience more than ever. It’s about more than how people interact with our technology on a day-to-day basis: It’s also about the lifetime experience of buying and using our products.

The most meaningful awards are just as much about the audience, fans, or users as they are about actors, athletes, or engineers. Receiving accolades from the people who actually use our products and solutions is especially rewarding. That’s why we’re pleased that we recently received three “Reader’s Choice” awards in a competition sponsored by Let’s Do Video. Readers chose:

  • Cisco Spark for Best Persistent Team Messaging Solution
  • Cisco Spark Room Series for Best Auto Tracking/Framing Video Camera
  • Cisco Spark Room Series for Best New Business Communication Product or Service

It doesn’t always take direct votes to represent the voice of the customer. Earlier this year Zeus Kerravala wrote about “Cisco’s Dead-Simple Design Approach” in No Jitter. He points out that Cisco winning multiple Red Dot design awards for our video conferencing products “validates their approach to providing a delightfully simple user experience… In this highly consumerized world, workers expect — sometimes even demand — tools that are easy to use. Tools that are, get used a lot, tools that don’t, sit there and collect dust.”

We received Red Dot design awards in 2017 for the following products:

The Cisco Spark Board also took home the “Best of Enterprise Connect” award.

To design the “Best of” Cisco Spark Board, the designers looked at how people have changed the way they work while meetings rooms have not changed at all.

Our partners are also a big part of our success and they’re essential to our customer relationships. We’re proud that CRN, an important resource in our partner community, recognized two of our products in its 2017 Tech Innovator Awards.

As we head into 2018 we’ll maintain our focus on customer relationships. It’s your vote that counts!



Snorre Kjesbu

Senior Vice President/General Manager of Webex Devices

Meeting Room Systems