Today, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced that their first project accepted is Kubernetes. This is an important initial milestone as this represents the first core functional component of a CNCF solution.  There will me more core functional components to come as the TOC is busy already investigating projects.  This is not validation that CNCF is a Google foundation by any means, however we recognize the features of apps, services, network storage, cluster management, performance, and stability features are important for cloud native development.

We are looking for other projects that have these type of capabilities:

  • Application definition and orchestration
  • Resource scheduling
  • Distributed systems services
  • A local agent that integrates CNCF into a local computing environment
  • Compute node definition
  • Infrastructure provisioning and integration
  • Standard interface and plugin model to request additional
  • Provide a standard interface and plugin model for network (SDN) and
    storage (SDS) integration with clusters
  • Core services (common capabilities made optionally available to all CNCF sub-­systems)
  • Tools and Visualization

At Cisco, we are extending mantl.io to support Kubernetes. Last week we announced a Cloud Native Platform based on a container-specific stack with Mantl, Cisco’s PaaS framework for managing containerized microservices.  Mantl uses Mesos and Kubernetes for scheduling. This stack forms the foundation for the cloud native developer experience. Our primary goal is to provide faster innovation to product delivery with enhanced policy, security, and networking built in.


Here is a list of specific issues we are addressing:

We are looking forward to the cloud native transformation and excited about the many great projects coming into and out of CNCF.


Kenneth Owens

Chief Technical Officer, Cloud Infrastructure Services