Cisco recently announced the availability of a new Cisco Powered services designation entitled Cisco Powered Cloud Managed SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networking) under a new Cisco Powered services category named Cloud Managed DNA Services. This new category of services will enable our Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP) partners to make their way into the new cloud-based managed delivery model. The newest service, Cisco Powered Cloud Managed SD-WAN, allows providers the ability to offer the same DNA (Digital Network Architecture) outcomes with the convenience and value of managed services, combined with the power of cloud orchestration.

By 2018, there will be a ten-fold increase in enterprises replacing WAN routing with SD-WAN-based path forwarding. Through the Cloud and Managed Services Program and Cisco Powered services portfolio expansion, Cisco is helping partners capture this growing market opportunity. If you are a provider offering Cisco Powered Cloud, Managed, or Cloud & Managed services to your customers or thinking of becoming a CMSP partner, this offer will help you leverage your Cisco orchestration platform – a key control point as you adopt future DNA services.

Cisco Powered Cloud Managed SD-WAN

Cisco Powered Cloud Managed SD-WAN is a suite of services delivered and managed from service providers’ cloud by using Cisco SD-WAN and service orchestration technologies.

  • Cisco SD-WAN supports intelligent path control, application optimization, visibility and control, secure inter-branch communication and secure direct internet access services.
  • All services are orchestrated by Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) or Virtual Managed Service (VMS) platform in a large scale, multi-tenant and automated manner.

Provider benefits:

  • Enables you to bring up new branches in minutes, simplifies management and troubleshooting to reduce operational cost.
  • Helps automate service creation, service ordering and dramatically reduce operational costs
  • Expand market reach into SD-WAN and security business

Cisco DNA Differentiation:

  • Complete solution. Cisco has a complete solution including WAN, WiFi, Security, Application Performance, and Optimization enabling full digitization for the enterprise branch
  • #1 Vendor. Cisco holds the #1 spot for SDN/NFV Software Vendors [1]
  • Proven and trusted. Customers trust Cisco for their mission critical WAN

We constantly strive to help our partners offer a rich portfolio of Cisco Powered services that meet your customers’ current business needs, aligned with Cisco’s strategy. Our channel partners are key to our success. With the newly launched Cisco Powered Cloud Managed SD-WAN service, you can differentiate yourself and take on next generation orchestration challenges.

Visit our website to learn more about the new Cisco Powered service and the partner benefits or send your questions to ask-cmsp@cisco.com. Please share your feedback, thoughts on the new category and the new Cisco Powered service in the comments section

[1] Infonetics Research. SDN and NFV Vendor Leadership, Global Service Provider Survey. August 18, 2015


Grace Lo

Director, Global Partner Programs

Global Partner Organization