TechWiseTV SP 168 covers Cloud VPN
TechWiseTV SP 168 covers Cloud VPN

I first saw this demo’d at Cisco Live Milan and although it was interesting, I don’t think I fully appreciated the problem being solved.

The base technology enabling this became our first show in the SP series (NSO enabled by Tail-f).  It was then that I began to really appreciate how some of the most mature technologies, like VPN, did not have the agility providers need to truly offer all their potential customers.

We ARE going to show you a specific service, using YOUR network, where the technology can be ready to go faster than your marketing or sales department can be ready to sell it.

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The numbers are pretty clear:  By 2019, there will over $800 billion worth of incremental revenue and value for service providers to seize across cloud, mobile, and video technologies. (MOI Tool)

But when it came to rolling out new services…SP’s have only been able to service the largest of clients.  The complexity of configuration on a new service is so manual and complex that only the biggest opportunities made sense. 

This is about a specific service (Cloud VPN) that can not only produce new revenue with astonishing “cloud like” agility.  It lays the base for many other services that will open you to new markets and new customer opportunities, up and down the market.

Understand: These re not some future state, over-haul your network for the next 3 years simply to target the market you see today.   

  • Wayne Cullen is here to show us how it all fits into Cisco’s Evolved Services Platform.
  • Jared Headley is a Cisco veteran, several times over, who pioneered many things for Cisco starting back in the early 90’s.  He has worked and developed many of our service provider innovations…he even started and sold a company. Thankfully, he is back at Cisco. 

    Cloud VPN demonstrated as part of Cisco's Virtual Managed Services
    Cloud VPN demonstrated as part of Cisco’s Virtual Managed Services

Jared is our expert on Cisco Virtual Managed, Cloud VPN.  A complete solution from the interface your customer interacts with all the way through the complex commands needed to safely reconfigure your existing network. Hands free.

This is SDN, NFV, multi-vendor orchestration and provisioning.  All part of Cisco’s new virtualized managed service solutions.





Robb Boyd

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