Vince Siragusa

Public Funding Advisor

Public Funding Office

Vince holds a B.A. in Economics from the State University of New York at Geneseo and has focused on alternative funding strategies for the last decade.

While a Grants Development Consultant with Grants Office, LLC, he was a regular author and presenter for issues focused on public safety and homeland security. He was a monthly contributor to the Grants Office FUNDED publication and his articles on Interoperable Communications have been published in MissionCritical Communications.

Since 2012, as a Public Funding Advisor with Cisco Systems, Vince looks to leverage the alternative funding sources that support strategic partnerships and long-term programmatic deployment.


October 31, 2017


With E-rate, It’s Sometimes Helpful to Go Back to the Basics

2 min read

Since 1997, E-rate has evolved to respond to a world of limitless digital content and opportunities for personalized learning. In fact, E-rate has affected millions of students across the country.