Vignesh Rama

Senior Solutions Architect

Global Partner Organization

Vignesh Rama is a Senior Solutions Architect within Cisco System's Global Partner Organization. In his current role, Vignesh is aligned to Cisco's largest IT service providers and global system integrators. Vignesh has a breadth of technology experience and has led global teams of software developers and solutions engineers in developing cloud-scale solutions. He currently works with strategic partners in the areas of technology co-innovation and go to market strategies. In his 13 year Cisco career, Vignesh has held multiple leadership positions increasing in technical scope and global scale including software & solutions engineering and strategic development of emerging technologies. Vignesh has developed and delivered Cisco media streaming and datacenter technologies to global service providers and some of the largest enterprise customers in Americas. Outside of Cisco, Vignesh participates in various entrepreneurial ventures in silicon valley as a mentor and advisor. He also enjoys outdoor sports and long hikes with his wife and daughter. Vignesh resides in the Bay Area is also active in community outreach.


November 22, 2021


Accelerating Analytics Workloads with Cloudera, NVIDIA, and Cisco

Cisco, Cloudera, and NVIDIA have partnered to deliver an on-premises big data solution that integrates Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) with NVIDIA GPUs running on the Cisco Data Intelligence Platform (CDIP).

May 24, 2021


Reimagining Critical Health Services for Communities of Need

Cisco and our partners have an inspiring track record of stepping up to a challenge. Learn how Cisco and Logicalis team up to provide IT health services to communities in need.

April 22, 2021


Cisco and NVIDIA Transform Disruption into Innovation

The pandemic forced businesses to become more agile and adaptive, as they sought new ways to securely enable employees to work remotely, while also striving to improve productivity. In support of this customer need, Cisco and NVIDIA have continued our legacy of finding new ways to innovate together.

January 25, 2021


Logicalis Provides True Biometric Security for the Evolving Workforce, Built with Cisco Security

Insider threats—such as credential theft, criminal insiders, or even negligent employees—are growing dramatically and represent enormous risks for all companies. Enabling remote access to a virtual workforce, for example, can create easy targets for cyber-attack.

September 9, 2020


Cisco and Logicalis Bring Sophisticated Cyber Security to the Rest of Us

Cisco and Logicalis, have partnered to streamline enterprise security, making state-of-the-art protection available to large and mid-size companies. To explore this partnership in more depth, I caught up with Ron Temske, VP of Security at Logicalis, to hear his insights.