Tom Stitt

Product Marketing Director
Advanced Malware Protection

Tom Stitt is Director of Product Marketing for Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection Technologies.  Currently he is focused on the use of Cisco’s continuous collection and analysis capabilities to make reasonable incident response accessible to well-meaning, but understaffed security teams.

Tom has over 18 years of experience in the IT infrastructure and security technologies in various product management, marketing and business development roles. Tom started in the IT security over 15 years ago when he was part of the founding team at Internet Security Systems, a pioneer in advanced threat detection.

This passion continues at Cisco where big data analytics are used to gain information superiority by integrating and analyzing information from email & web gateways, networks and endpoints to provide better visibility, decisions and control for more effective and comprehensive security.

Tom holds a M.S.E. from University of Alabama and when not engaged in stopping the latest cyber threats, can be found cycling the beautiful back roads of north Georgia.

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