Tobias Mayer

Technical Solution Architect

EMEA Security Architecture Team

Tobias joined Cisco in 1999 where he started to focus on network security. He is currently working as a Technical Solutions Architect in the EMEAR Security Architecture Team, specialized on content security. Beside content security, he has a very special eye on IPv6 and protocols like HTTP/2, QUIC and TLS. He is an active CCIE Security (#14390) and holds a CISSP Certification (#402327) as well. Tobias is also a frequent Speaker on various ‘CiscoLive!’ events.


December 27, 2017


The Impact on Network Security Through Encrypted Protocols – QUIC

QUIC stands for Quick UDP Internet Connections, an experimental protocol designed and deployed by Google.

February 14, 2017


The impact on network security through encrypted protocols – TLS 1.3

This post is the second part of my series around the impact of encrypted protocols on network security. You can find the first article about HTTP/2 here: http://blogs.cisco.com/security/the-impact-on-network-security-through-encrypted-protocols-http2 Now let us focus on the new and upcoming specification of TLS 1.3. It is important to understand what advantages TLS 1.3 brings to us, but also […]

December 30, 2016


The impact on network security through encrypted protocols – HTTP/2

This is the start of a planned series of posts around the impact that new protocols are making on the way many of us deal with network security today. The protocols we have been using on the internet, mainly TCP with HTTP 1.1, have shown that they cannot deal with today’s requirements for fast and […]

September 29, 2016


Using Cisco Umbrella with Cisco WSA and Splunk for private reporting

Sometimes having a effective and innovative solution goes in a confrontation with the local country requirements. Especially when we want to deploy as cloud based security service. Using a cloud security service will one the one hand address quite nicely the need for better security and easy deployment , on the other hand a CxO […]

January 27, 2016


Where is my (intermediate) TLS certificate?

When dealing with TLS connections, it is important to understand how a client (in most cases this is a web browser) will be acting. Let’s quickly check some of the steps that are happening when a TLS connection is made. A web server will send its certificate down to the requesting client during the TLS […]

April 10, 2015


The Secure Way to IPv6 – Use Your Proxy!

When asked about IPv6, many companies are aware that they must do something, but are not sure what is the best way to approach IPv6. In my talks with customers, I found that the unfamiliarity with IPv6 is one of the biggest obstacles. So, to gain experience with IPv6, there are several paths to go […]