Thomas Stuermer

Global Managing Director for Ecosystem Partnerships


Tom Stuermer is Accenture’s Global Managing Director for Ecosystem Partnerships. In this role Tom is responsible for driving the global growth and success of both Accenture and our ecosystem partners, and enabling the market- and business-development capabilities of Accenture to drive that mutual success. This includes leading the transformation of Partnerships through new tools and automation to create scale and repeatability - so that our global team can focus on driving innovation into our clients and generating significant new business opportunities.

Prior to this role, Tom spent the majority of his 24 years at Accenture was the Client Account Lead for several Communications and High Tech clients, and ultimately managed a portfolio of Accenture’s High-Tech and Communications clients in Silicon Valley. Tom was also previously the North American IoT lead for our Comms, Media, and High-Tech industry group, where he drove new campaigns and market development.


May 25, 2018


Business is a Team Sport: The Importance of Growing Your Solutions Ecosystem

2 min read

Cloud computing, software-defined networking, Internet of Things, AI: Are you trying to go it alone developing innovative solutions using these and other complex technologies?