Tae Yoo

No Longer with Cisco

Tae led the company’s social investments as well as championed environmental efforts and a triple bottom line framework (social, environmental, and financial) across the business. Ms. Yoo was one of Cisco’s early employees. Prior to Corporate Affairs, she was influential in creating new markets for Cisco by co-founding the Business Development organization. She also spent time based in Europe where she provided leadership to Cisco’s Global Distribution Channels, a critical component in the company’s growth. Throughout her tenure, Ms. Yoo’s insight and business acumen enabled Cisco to successfully collaborate across government, business, and NGOs for tangible, positive outcomes. Ms. Yoo holds a degree in Communications from Virginia Tech.


International Women’s Day: A Jordanian Entrepreneur’s Impact on Education, the Workforce, and Society

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This blog was originally published on the Huffington Post on March 7, 2013. Today, I would like to reflect on the progress women are making in the global economy by highlighting the work of one woman who has been a source of inspiration for many: Randa Ayoubi. Randa is a woman entrepreneur from Jordan who […]

The Importance of Broadband Connectivity in Developing Countries

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Originally posted on the Huffington Post on 01/23/2013 Stephen Ondieki lives in Africa’s second-largest slum, Kibera in Kenya, where most residents earn less than US$1 a day. However, Stephen owns a computer repair shop that not only enables him to earn US$8 a day, but also to give back to his community by turning his […]