Steve Chazin

No Longer with Cisco

Steve Chazin is part of the Cloud Collaboration Technology Group (CCTG) leadership team at Cisco, VP, Products & Online. Steve brings a skillset uniquely aligned with the CCTG mission to create a winning cloud collaboration business while re-inventing for the future. His extensive experience includes engineering, marketing, sales, strategy, and start-ups. He’s also a recognized public speaker and author.

Steve has previously held leadership positions at Symantec, Raytheon, Apple, Salesforce.com, Dimdim, Bowstreet (acquired by IBM), Avid and Adesso. Steve thrives on transforming teams and products to drive market disruptions by delighting customers with powerful, market-leading, cloud-based solutions.


November 20, 2014


Where Do Your Teams Work?

4 min read

Lately we’re hearing a lot about the end of traditional workplace hierarchies. Organizations expect employees to do more within smaller teams, and to do it faster. People want the freedom to rapidly move between projects and to collaborate with others inside and outside their organizations with fewer restrictions or privacy concerns. And they want to […]

October 27, 2014


Connecting Basketball Fans with Teams at the NBA D-League Draft

1 min read

It’s almost November, which means we’re about to begin what is now an annual basketball tradition. For the fourth year in a row, the NBA Development League Draft will be conducted entirely via WebEx! On November 1, beginning at 3:30 p.m. Eastern, all 18 teams will make their picks from the D-League draftee talent pool […]