Stephan Monterde

Director, Corporate Strategic Innovation

Chief Strategy Office

Stephan Monterde is the Head of Strategic Foresight and New Businesses for the Cisco Chief Strategy Office. He is responsible for detecting discontinuous change early, developing plausible futures, interpreting the consequences for the company, as well as defining “future avenues for innovation”.

Together with his team, he explores new territories, hunting for new ideas at the crossroads of technological breakthroughs and business model innovation. Taking into account macro-economic factors and unique insights from programs like the Technology Radar, he focuses on finding and assessing disruptive and bold ideas that have the potential to shape the future of Cisco’s business, outside of the usual areas of focus of our business units innovation programs.

In his previous role as Director of the Technology Intelligence and Strategy group, Stephan developed and established best in class Technology intelligence programs, practices and tools. In particular, he is the inventor of the Cisco Technology Radar, which was awarded for excellence in innovation management.

In 2007, Stephan joined Cisco to bootstrap Cisco’s Innovation TechCenter for Europe. Its charter was to identify and capture value from technology disruptions to drive new market creation through the definition of innovative products and services. Stephan built the local teams and contributed to the development of Cisco’s local foot print and image of a key strategic partner.

Prior to joining Cisco, Stephan was Head of Messaging Services at Orange Group, FT Global Operations. In that role he defined global products roadmaps, developed end-to-end services and ran strategic fixed-mobile telephony convergence initiatives. He outlined to France Telecom’s executive committee the fundamental challenges of telecom convergence and resulting regulatory implications, leading to the refinement of the global strategy.

Stephan Monterde holds a Bachelor of Electronics and an MSc in Communication Systems from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. He also holds an MBA from IMD with honors in leadership.


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