Stephanie Mosher

Executive Assistant

EAS – Enterprise Access Switching

Stephanie Mosher is an Executive Administrative Assistant for both the IoT and EAS groups in Austin. These are one of the largest groups on campus with over 130 full time employees, contractors, interns and partners. She has been with Cisco for 6 amazing years and has won numerous accolades from her peers.

To Stephanie, being an Administrator means taking care of her “family”. Her team is made up of some of the most amazing and generous people that she feels truly lucky to get to work with them each and every day. Every day is different…new challenges, various tasks and creative missions, she says. However, it is about doing everything necessary to keep everyone sane and the “world” spinning upright. That means, she has to come in “switched on” and ready to go…thank goodness she is a morning person!

Stephanie enjoys being an Ambassador for her group and for all of Cisco-Austin. This expanded role has helped her become a more effective leader, by building relationships that she would never have had the opportunity to before, and showing all of Cisco what the Austin 700+ person site can do!


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