The first thing you need to know about Austin is the motto: Keep Austin Weird! Technically, that should say it all. The second thing you need to know about Austin is that EVERY day is Geek day and we love that!

Being a geek, a gamer, or even a Star Wars nerd is something that Cisco embraces completely.  This has led us to be an honest, open, and more effective workplace. We are a family, we are a “nerdom,” and we are happier — not to mention more successful, because we own our geek!

On this “holiest” of days — when Episode IV: A New Hope was released in theaters on May 25, 1977  — we’re excited to celebrate Geek Day with you all through some of our favorite photos that we captured here in Austin on another one of our favorite “holidays” — May the 4th. 😉

“I love being a nerd at Cisco because I’m (mostly) accepted for any kind of nerdom I choose.  I’m admittedly a Star Wars-Light fan, but definitely an all-out Mighty Ducks fanatic too.  Quack, quack, quack!” – Jennie Kam

Stephanie Mosher (Executive Assistant), Jennie Kam (Software Engineer), Prasanthi Somepalli (Software Development Engineer) and Sara Santoliquido (Account Manager).


Jason Rogers, Software Engineer

Our “Force” event (along with many other fun events here at Cisco Austin) is so important! It gives people an outlet to express themselves and feel like a valuable member to the Cisco world. They help reinforce the balance between work and play, and who doesn’t need that! Cisco embracing the “Geek Life” allows thousands of people to feel confident with their “geekiness” and provides a fun inspiring work space. – Sara Santoliquido

Sara Santoliquido, Account Manager


Ramrao Deshpande, Software Engineer


Prasanthi Somepalli (Software Development Engineer), Jason Chen (Director Software Development)


James Kemp (Janitorial Services), Israel Mendoza (Janitorial Services)


Karen Ragland, Program Manager


Chandra Kothakonda, Technical Leader Engineering


Ravi Papisetti (Technical Leader Engineering), Anuj Singh (Software Engineer), and Lenin Lakshminarayanan (Technical Leader Engineering)


How are you celebrating #GeekDay?  Tell us in the comments below!

Want to join a team that believes in The Force? We’re hiring!


Stephanie Mosher

Executive Assistant

EAS – Enterprise Access Switching