Shaun Roberts

Principal Engineer

Customer Experience

Shaun Roberts is a Principal Engineer in the Global CX Centers supporting many automation, orchestration, and cloud based technologies. He is an 12-year veteran of Cisco TAC with 27+ years of development experience in a dozen different languages.

Shaun has been working with Action Orchestrator and SecureX Orchestration since day 1 and has been writing workflow based automations and orchestrations for 11 years. For internal Cisco usage he has developed over 1500 workflows and built systems which run 500,000+ workflows daily.

On the instructional side, Shaun leads efforts to build and teach bootcamps for Action Orchestrator and SecureX Orchestrator, he builds trainings and labs for DevOps style engineers, and he does speaking engagements for Cisco Live concerning automation and orchestration.

Personally he has been married to Jennifer(17 years), has 2 children (Alysha -15, Aubree -10), 3 dogs, and enjoys gaming, golf, and cooking.


May 19, 2022


Pondering Automation: Let’s Make Some BCS Magic!

7 min read

Learn how to build amazing Atomics for an API in SecureX Orchestration, workflows geared towards the BCS Operational Insights API, and how to map Python code to SXO workflows.

June 21, 2021


Pondering Automation: Who Wants Storage? You Do! You Do!

6 min read

Do you want to see how to use a database with your SecureX Orchestration automations when you want that database to be on-prem? And do it with the pieces you have today? Then read this blog.