Shahrukh Raheem

Product Manager – EMEAR Products & Partnerships Lead

Shahrukh Raheem is fluent in business, social welfare and engineering. With extensive experience of leading financial services and technology-based transformation projects at Cisco, Credit Suisse, General Electric and Accenture, Shahrukh loves leading cross-functional multi-national teams that impact society positively. By combining his technical knowledge with his ability to effectively communicate across cultures, Shahrukh has successfully supported company leaders formulate and implement corporate and regional-level strategic initiatives. Shahrukh is passionate about smart investments that change societies and organizations.

As a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) alumni, Shahrukh’s passion saw him recognized as a Siebel Scholar. He was also the President of the MIT Sloan Finance & Policy Club and the Vice President of Sloan Entrepreneurs in International Development. When he’s free, Shahrukh loves playing competitive soccer and everything called sport.

Shahrukh has been working at Cisco Systems since completing his MBA and is a Product Manager with the Software & Analytics group. His role primarily encompasses (1) conceptualizing and developing advanced analytics related software products and (2) strategies for enterprise transformations.


January 31, 2020


Software Driven Vertical Outcomes

2 min read

Cisco's software innovations can enable key business outcomes in diverse industry verticals such as manufacturing. This blog explores one such use-case that leverages Cisco's infrastructure, location analytics and automation solutions.

January 9, 2018


Bridging the gap between IT and Business through Big Data Analytics

4 min read

The role of IT and networking is changing in the eyes of many Cisco stakeholders, primarily: (1) IT Experts and (2) Business Leaders.

April 18, 2017


Introducing PnP Connect

1 min read

What is Cisco Network Plug & Play? Cisco Network Plug & Play (PnP) is a secure and scalable solution for simple day-zero provisioning across all Cisco Enterprise platforms (routers, switches and wireless access points). The PnP application runs on top of Cisco Enterprise SDN Controller – APIC-EM. What is PnP Connect? PnP Connect automates the […]