What is Cisco Network Plug & Play?

Cisco Network Plug & Play (PnP) is a secure and scalable solution for simple day-zero provisioning across all Cisco Enterprise platforms (routers, switches and wireless access points). The PnP application runs on top of Cisco Enterprise SDN Controller – APIC-EM.

What is PnP Connect?

PnP Connect automates the entire day-zero experience from device procurement to provisioning. It is a new service that acts as a discovery mechanism for a network device to discover its controller. PnP Connect re-directs a network device to its controller (APIC-EM) and eliminates the need for DHCP / DNS discovery mechanisms. PnP Connect, also allows configuration provisioning directly without using APIC-EM (this is beta). By simply assigning a Smart Account while ordering PnP eligible devices in Cisco Commerce, the devices automatically populate in the PnP Connect portal.

PnP Connect allows flexibility of implementation: Customers can choose between on premise and cloud based day-zero provisioning.

Why is PnP Connect important?

Cisco PnP Connect solves a problem that is top of mind of most CEOs as 18% of a typical product cost goes into day-zero activities. In fact, 57% of CEOs are worried about IT strategy not supporting business growth but with PnP Connect generated cost savings they can be at ease. For example, the entire PnP solution, in general, will lead to up to potentially 70% reduction in operational costs by (1) eliminating pre-staging, (2) minimizing manual configuration errors, and (3) removing the need for a specialized technical installer at the end site.

Just as a reference, a typical average deployment cost for an access switch is $938. If you extend this to a huge network, the cost savings promised through PnP solution become material for the bottom-line!

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Shahrukh Raheem

Product Manager – EMEAR Products & Partnerships Lead