Sergey Konovalov

Head of Business Development, Blockchain

Corporate Strategic Innovations Group

Sergey heads Business Development at Cisco's Corporate Strategic Innovations Group for Blockchain initiative and responsible for partnerships development, GTM and delivery models.

Sergey holds MBA from London Business School, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Automation, Masters Degree in Computer Science, and awarded CCIE and CISSP certifications. Author of 3 books and multiple publications.


June 14, 2018


The Strategic Role of Blockchain Partnerships

2 min read

As the enterprise blockchain ecosystem grows, more and more businesses explore the possibilities of blockchain in their industries.  At Cisco, we believe in strength in partnerships.

Navigating the New Digital Oilfield

2 min read

Oil companies are seeing unprecedented collaboration between operational leaders and information technology teams (OT and IT).

The Future of the Smart Pipeline

1 min read

Schneider Electric and Cisco recently received extremely positive feedback for their Smart Connected Pipeline from their customer advisory board, featuring representation from all major North American pipeline operators.