Sebastian Jeuk

Senior Software Engineer

Cloud Virtualization Group

Sebastian Jeuk is a OpenStack Systems Architect and part of the OpenStack@Cisco team within Ciscos Cloud Virtualization Group (CVG). After his Masters in Internet Engineering at the University College London (UCL) Sebastian joined Cisco in the UK as part of the enhanced Customer Aligned Testing Services (eCATS) Team in Advanced Services. Responsible for Data Center test engagements he executed large customer related Proof of Concepts and design validations.

Within the OpenStack@Cisco team he is focusing on large scale tests and OpenStack gap analysis while working on a PhD in Cloud Computing at UCL.

His interests focus on data center technologies, cloud computing and related architectures. In his free time he has a passion for Judo, in which he holds a black belt and photography.


February 18, 2016


OpenStack ASR1000 Plugin: New Features

2 min read

In my previous February 2015 blog post, I reviewed a new plugin for the OpenStack Neutron service plugin environment enabling customers to leverage the hardware platform ASR 1000. At that point the plugin was based on the Icehouse OpenStack version with limited feature support. Over the last several months we have been continuing the work on later OpenStack […]

February 23, 2015


Scaling OpenStack L3 using Cisco ASR1K platform

2 min read

Cisco has developed a plug-in to integrate the ASR 1000 Series Router (ASR1K) into OpenStack to offload L3 capabilities on to dedicated routing hardware.  The plug-in was demonstrated at Cisco Live in a Proof-of-Concept environment. We are planning demos of a Cloud solution based on the ASR1k plug-in at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. The plug-in […]

January 9, 2015


Investigating OpenStacks Multicast capabilities (Part 1 of 3)

4 min read

This is my first blog post within the Data Center and Cloud technology area. I recently joined the Openstack@Cisco team under Lew Tucker focusing on advanced OpenStack System research as a Cloud Architect. As part of this role I performed a gap analysis on the functionality (or the lack thereof) of multicast within an OpenStack […]