Sashank Dara

Engineer Technical Lead

Security Technology Group

Sashank is a Cyber Security Technologist, Security Evangelist and Technical Leader.

A prolific speaker, Sashank has published around a dozen papers at internal and external conferences and Universities. He is passionate about research and innovation, especially in the domain of security and privacy, and has great enthusiasm for the use of technology as a tool to transform and benefit society.

Sashank has completed an M.S from IIIT-Bangalore and has 13+ years of industry experience in the areas of Cyber Security, Network Management and Web related technologies.

Sashank is the author of 5 US Patents, and has received numerous awards like Best Research Paper @ IEEE CCEM(2015), corporate awards for technology Innovation .


December 12, 2014


A Model for Evaluating Breach Detection Readiness

4 min read

Given that modern attacks are complex and sophisticated, there is not a single product or tool that will ever be 100% effective at detecting threats. Prevention eventually fails. Therefore, you need protection before, during, and after an attack. Modern-day networks are large and complicated. It is a nightmare for incident response teams and security investigators […]

December 5, 2014


Exciting Fourth Edition of SecCon-X Bangalore

1 min read

The week of November 10 was filled with learning and excitement for security technology enthusiasts at Cisco's Bangalore campus as people gathered for SecCon-X 2014, Cisco's largest annual cross-company...

June 20, 2014


Open Sourcing FNR an Experimental Block Cipher

1 min read

Traditional block ciphers work on fixed blocks of data—as an example, AES is well-defined for 128/192/256 bits. But one of the issues is the need for padding—so if you need to encrypt small amounts of data you may end with a huge difference in input vs. output size. As an example, using AES/128 on ECB […]

April 16, 2013


Embracing Security Related User Groups

2 min read

Security is a tough nut that can’t be cracked by one alone—neither technology nor research, neither corporations nor start-ups, and neither products nor processes. None of these alone can crack the security nut. The most important part of the problem and solution is people! Nothing beats the efforts of few passionate people collaborating for a cause.