Sam Rastogi

Senior Product & Solutions Marketing Manager

Rastogi is a veteran of the security industry with 15 years experience marketing leading security solutions at Cisco, HP, Intel Security, Juniper, and iPolicy Networks. He is responsible for leading go-to-market and marketing activities for Cisco's Service Provider Security products and solutions.


January 5, 2016


Security Insights with British Telecom

2 min read

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Les Anderson, VP of BT Cyber, and ask him how BT manages security to protect their networks and their customers and to get his take on our new (Cisco) partnership.

Threat-Centric Security for Service Providers

2 min read

Security has never been more critical for service providers. As Sanjeev Mervana said in his recent blog: Security has become a service provider imperative. it is a key enabler for open and programmable networks that enhances business agility and profitability. With secure networks, emerging video, wireless mobility, Internet of Everything (IoE) and cloud services can […]