Ron Ricci

Vice President, Customer Experience Services, Cisco Systems

Sales Enablement

Ron Ricci is a Vice President at Cisco and is globally responsible for four Customer Experiences in Cisco’s sales organization:  Executive briefings, demonstrations, proof of concept labs and proposals.  In this capacity, Ron spends countless hours with customers helping them lead and manage through their collaboration challenges.

He joined Cisco in 2000.  Ron spent his first 12 years in Cisco as the company’s Vice President of Corporate Positioning, reporting directly to Cisco CEO John Chambers with the charter of driving executive alignment and collaboration to Cisco’s top corporate priorities.

Ron is a published author and active in social media on Twitter as @RonRicciCisco. In November 2011, Cisco published Ricci’s second book, The Collaboration Imperative: Executive Strategies for Unlocking Your Organization’s True Potential, which he co-authored with Cisco colleague Carl Wiese.  Ron’s first book, Momentum: How Companies Become Unstoppable Market Forces, was published by Harvard Business School Press in November 2002, and was ranked as a “Top 100” Amazon.com book for marketing and business strategy.

Prior to joining Cisco, Ron helped CEOs and executive teams tell their stories and position their brands, including top executives at Dell, HP, IBM and Adobe.


August 20, 2019


Why a “Conscious Culture” Matters

3 min read

Ron shares a sobering experience he recently had as the lone male in a group of powerful Cisco #womenintech who were fast and furiously at work changing the world -- and how he realized the roles have shifted.

January 15, 2019


Welcome to the Pressure Cooker:  How Will You Perform?

3 min read

Ron shares his experiece as a judge at GSX's Elevator Pitch contest - and how we can all learn something from pressure.

December 18, 2017


Cyber Security is As Much about People as Technology

3 min read

Cisco hosted the Southern California Cybercup Challenge in December in Cisco’s Customer Experience Center, and I was lucky to welcome a group of college and high school kids from across...

December 7, 2017


Your Career Destiny Is Hard Work (and a Little Luck)

4 min read

Ron shares his story of how John Chambers hired him, and 18 years later how he starts his next FY with Cisco.