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Roman van der Krogt

Technical Leader

Roman is the Team Lead for CMX Analytics, a part of the Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) platform. CMX enables enterprises to turn WiFi into a business and services innovation platform by collecting aggregate data on WiFi users. Using CMX Analytics businesses can tease out behavioural patterns and trends, which in turn can help the business make informed decisions on how to improve the visitor experience and boost customer service. Passionate about technology, his goal is to help people easily find and understand the key pieces of information that can be found in the location data.

Prior to Cisco, Roman was involved in ThinkSmart Technologies, a Location Analytics company, from its foundation in mid 2010 to acquisition by Cisco Systems in September 2012. His interests include a wide range of Artificial Intelligence topics, including planning, learning and optimisation. An avid boardgamer, the application of AI to game playing is an area he is especially interested in.

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