Rok Podgrajsek

Systems Engineer

Service Provider Sales

Rok Podgrajsek joined Cisco after having worked in the outsourcing industry in Sweden for over 10 years. The focus has always been within the data center with a broad variety of vendors, solutions and technologies.

First contact with networking came in young years with LAN solutions in the early days of personal computers, IPX based LANs in the early 90s lay the foundation for the interest of computers and networking. Who doesn’t remember their first 486 PC?!

Over the decade BC (before Cisco) Rok worked at several companies where data center architecture was key to a successful consumer service. Multi tenant environments from the virtual solutions, with security enforcement, all the way the MPLS VPNs were always necessary for outsourcing providers and a challenge to achieve.

Just prior to Cisco, Rok worked at Axians where he was assigned to design and implement a SDN data center, in which the choice fell to Cisco ACI which and was one of the first installations to go into production worldwide. This made it possible to influence the development of ACI and created a close collaboration with Cisco engineering.

Today focus lies on making sure that data center and SP requirement meet to create the next generation of SP solutions. Driven by virtualization, distribution and disaggregation of functions and workloads.


Service Provider Day in Sweden

3 min read

Cisco Service Provider Day is entering the stage in Stockholm on the 5th of June. Join me and my colleagues for a day of trends and insights.