Rob Steele

Principal Systems Engineer

Roundtower Technologies

Rob Steele is a Principal Systems Engineer with Roundtower Technologies specializing in enterprise data center architecture. For over 10 years he has architected, implemented, and supported data center solutions for Fortune 50-5000 customers.

Rob holds multiple vendor certifications and is an active voice in the IT community. Current areas of focus include: Flash Storage, Big Data, Scale Out NAS, Third Platform, Internet of Everything, and Software Defined Data Center.


April 21, 2014


How The Internet of Everything will Cure Cancer

1 min read

I recently stumbled upon a mobile app that will utilize the compute power of your mobile phone, while you are sleeping to decrypt protein sequences for cancer research. Even though utilizing an idle computer CPU for research isn’t something new, it caught my attention for the fact that it has now evolved to a mobile […]