Robin Gonzalez Valero

Software Engineer

Research & Efficacy Team

Robin Gonzalez Valero is part of the Research & Efficacy Team at Cisco Systems that assists in increasing the efficacy of the AMP for Endpoints and Cisco Threat Grid products, focusing mainly on data analysis.

Robin is a software engineer with experience in machine learning and security. In Cisco, he studies ways to automate the analysis of large datasets as well as the classification and detection of malware. Prior to joining Cisco, Robin worked as a web developer, system administrator and software engineer in multiple companies in Calgary, Canada and Venezuela.

Robin holds a bachelor degree in computer engineering from one of the best universities in Venezuela (second in his class) and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Calgary where he graduated with honors. In his free time, he likes to play music, play soccer, and explore the world.


March 5, 2018


Don’t Let Malware Slip Through Your Fingers

9 min read

Detecting and stopping malware is a difficult problem to solve. As the methods of detection and prevention become more advanced so too do the techniques used by malware authors.