Richard Archdeacon

Advisory CISO

Cisco Security

Richard Archdeacon is Cisco Security’s Advisory CISO for the EMEAR region. He was previously was a Chief Technologist in Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Security Practice, working with clients across all industries and regions. Prior to that, Richard worked for Symantec for many years. He has also held posts with security industry organizations such as IAAC and the IISP, and has worked on cyber resilience reports with the World Economic Forum.


August 14, 2023


Why are CEOs Cyber Resilient?

5 min read

What practical steps can a CEO take to address Cyber Resilience rather than just heaving it on to the shoulders of the CISO?

December 20, 2022


Get Ready: Top Security Trends For 2023 That You Need To Know About

3 min read

Predictions for Security Trends in 2023 – read the latest Cisco blog, Cisco advisor Richard Archdeacon reviews the latest Gartner trends report and focuses on how businesses should adjust their security posture moving into 2023.

December 13, 2022


The Upcoming UK Telecoms Security Act Part Two: Changing Mindset from Stick to Carrot

3 min read

We take a close look into the themes introduced by the Telecommunications (Security) Act & explore how the telecoms industry can apply zero trust to improve its security posture.

January 10, 2023


Nine Top of Mind Issues for CISOs Going Into 2023

7 min read

Here are the topics that Richard Archdeacon, Advisory CISO at Cisco thinks will be top of mind in 2023, and what CISOs can do to prepare.

October 3, 2022


The Upcoming UK Telecoms (Security) Act Part One:
What, Why, Who, When and How

5 min read

The Telecoms Security Requirements (TSRs) are rapidly approaching. Here, we outline what they mean for UK firms, and what they can do to prepare.

February 14, 2022


Q&A on the Future of Work

8 min read

Richard Archdeacon, advisory CISO and Josh Green, Technical Strategist at Duo Security cover what they think the future of work will look like, and what CISOs should be focussing on.

January 12, 2022


How to drive a successful, proactive tech refresh

3 min read

Our new #SecurityOutcomes Study, Vol. 2, found that modern, well-integrated IT contributes to overall security program success more than any other practice. Learn more in Part 1 of our #CISO blog series.

January 10, 2022


Nine Top of Mind Issues for CISOs Going Into 2022

6 min read

Over the last few months, we’ve engaged with scores of CISOs in a series of roundtable discussions. From these conversations nine topics emerged.

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