Rehman Mohammed

Senior Director & Global Evolution Lead

Customer and Partner Experience

Rehman currently leads the Global Evolution of Customer Partner Service which involves moving the CPS organization onto a digital platform that allows for both operational cost savings and transformation. Any evolution of this nature requires strategic communication and focused change management in order to make a lasting culture change, this has been done by building a structured virtual operating model with tight governance to ensure all the initiatives deliver towards the goal of making the complex easy.

Rehman spent 4 years in Singapore and led the APJC Customer and Partner Experience, part of Cisco’s Global Business Services organization. Part of the APJC senior leadership team, he ran the company’s APJC organization responsible for operational engagement with Cisco’s customers, partners and sales stakeholders. Rehman’s team focuses on ensuring the appropriate balance of optimization, high quality, and consistent service to make it easier for customers and partners to do business with Cisco.

Prior to his current role, Rehman worked in supply chain at Cisco and led the global program “Lean Forward” which aligned the supply chain from Cisco closer with the supply chain of key distributors to remove activity duplication, drive out cost, free up working capital and create opportunities for re-investment into growth initiatives. In the first 12 months of the program, $95m of working capital was released back into the distribution channel.


June 3, 2019


Driving Simplicity and Convenience for our Customers and Partners

3 min read

Our customers and partners sought us out for a more seamless solution to gaining network insights all in one place - from one platform. We listened. This is My Cisco Entitlements.