Ray Lewis

Technical Leader

Strategic Security Analysis

Ray Lewis is a Cisco 14 year veteran and currently a Technical Leader in the Security Research and Operations organization working various network traffic analysis projects. The outputs of these efforts are customer advice or published content on mitigating network threats or securing networks. Ray's prior roles at Cisco have been leading product security evaluations and research efforts focused on Critical Infrastructure protection. Prior to his current role, Ray led Cisco's Secure Lifecycle Development (CSDL) development for several years. Ray has a BSEE from Wilkes University, and a MS Software Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology. Ray lives in Austin Texas ("live music capital of the world") with his wife and 4 children.


May 9, 2013


Foundational Network Traffic Collection and Analysis Setup

3 min read

This introductory post explains how one of Cisco’s security research groups established a network data collection capability for large amounts of network traffic. This capability was necessary to support research into selected aspects of the Domain Name Service (DNS), but it can be adapted for other purposes.