Rashesh Jethi

Cisco Services

Jethi is the portfolio marketing and management lead for Cisco Services in the areas of Security and Mobility. He earlier held similar roles for Data Center and Cloud Services. Prior to joining Cisco, he was the CTO and CIO at Visage Mobile, a San Francisco based SaaS platform for mobile virtual operators and service providers, where he managed an engineering services and product portfolio, technology architecture, systems development, data centers and IT operations.

Jethi previously held consulting and technology management roles in the Telecom, Finance and Travel industries. His experience spans multiple international stints and blue chip companies such as AT&T, Lufthansa, American Express, American Airlines, and Wells Fargo Bank, as well as successfully scaling start-up technology platforms at NorthPoint Communications and Virgin Mobile.

Jethi holds a master's degree in Industrial Engineering. He has served as a visiting faculty member for technology and operations courses and holds a patent in the area of web services for multi-tenant BSS and OSS platforms.


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