Radhika Chagarlamudi

Senior Director

Business Collaboration and Software Platforms

RADHI CHAGARLAMUDI is Senior Director, Business Collaboration and Software Platforms, Cisco IT. In her role she is accountable for the vision, strategy, and execution of real time collaboration services (conferencing, messaging, voice, video and live streaming) for Cisco’s global workforce and partners. Radhi has been instrumental in transforming Cisco’s Global Infrastructure Services engineering talent to embrace a software defined everything (SDx) mindset, DevOps, Agile frameworks and low code development platforms resulting in accelerating infrastructure engineer’s ability to manage programmable environments. Radhi also provides leadership and direction for software enablement platforms that manage Cisco’s global data centers including the integration of service management capabilities into Cisco products (Webex Teams, Tetration, and AppD) as part of the go-to-market strategy leading to increase in product sales.

Since joining Cisco, Radhi previously lead the Global IT Network and UCV Operations teams, defining and streamlining data center infrastructure supply and demand management processes, driving database and ERP delivery teams, and managing Cisco Optical Platform engineering.

Prior to Cisco, Radhi held various senior software engineering roles at Alcatel-Lucent and Newbridge Networks where she drove the design and development of telecommunications products.

An innovative global leader directing multiple facets of IT service and operations management, software and product development, Radhi holds an electrical and systems engineering degree from Carleton University, and an engineering management master’s degree from Southern Methodist University (SMU).


June 12, 2019


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