Rahsaan Akbar

Technical Solutions Architect

Cross Architectures Partner Organization

Rahsaan is a technology professional with over 20+ years of experience in leading client workshops, architecting, designing, and implementing advanced technology solutions. Rahsaan has earned the respect and admiration of clients and co-workers for his unique ability to demystify and apply technology in a meaningful way. His technical aptitude, business acumen and strong communications skills combined with his experience to design, run and operate mission critical enterprise networks give Rahsaan a valuable perspective. This perspective is useful in assisting clients to reach their business objectives with solutions that are empowered by Cisco solutions.


April 29, 2022


Minding the Gap – Navigating the Hybrid Work Digital Divide

2 min read

The idea of the Digital Divide is nothing new but has become exacerbated as organizations apply legacy tools and concepts to remote work. Organizations must provide flexible resource access to their employees and secure on-premise environments that enforce policies to protect organizational assets programmatically.