Petr Cernohorsky

Product Manager, Cybersecurity & Machine Learning

Cognitive Threat Analytics, Security

Petr is a global product manager for Cognitive Threat Analytics (CTA) technology, part of advanced threat solutions at Cisco's Security Business Group.

He began his career at Cisco Systems through an acquisition of Cognitive Security in 2013. He now drives the network behavior analysis technology within the advanced threat solutions portfolio at Cisco Systems.

Professional interest: artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, simulations and modeling, digitization, cloud, security, strategy.

Petr holds MSc in SW engineering, MBA, and PhD in simulations and modeling.


April 6, 2018


As Encrypted Malicious Web Traffic Increases, Defenders Need Advanced Tools That Provide Visibility

3 min read

Defenders face two significant challenges in today’s complex threat landscape. First, the number and variety of malware types and families are increasing—so much so that automation of detection and response...