Paul Duffy

Senior Technical Leader
Enterprise CTO Team / Industrial IoT

A member of the Cisco Enterprise CTO team, Paul is deeply involved with the design and implementation of Cisco's Industrial Internet of Things initiatives including Cisco Resilient Mesh, Cisco LoRaWAN Solution, and Cisco Digital Building / Connected Lighting. Paul's work includes architecture and standards development for Cisco's Substation Automation, Field Area Network, and Low Power WAN efforts. He is currently an active contributor within several Industrial IoT initiatives including Wi-SUN Alliance (co-chair of the the Field Area Network program) and the LoRa Alliance. Previously Paul has lead Cisco contributions within Open Smart Grid, Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, Zigbee Alliance, Homeplug Powerline Alliance (chair Netricity PLC), and related IETF work.

His work prior to Cisco IIoT includes mass scale commissioning / management systems for VOIP / high-speed data for cable markets, as well as related standards efforts with CableLabs and IETF. Some of the more "unusual" development projects Paul has lead over the last 20+ years include embedded navigation systems for America's Cup campaigns and Richard Branson's EarthWinds circumnavigation. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University and a Master of Science in Computers and Systems from Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute.

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