Patty Wright

Vice President

Security and Collaboration Services

Patty leads Cisco’s Customer Experience (CX) Security and Collaboration businesses, developing and delivering professional and support services for Cisco customers, partners, and product suites. She is also part of the team looking to transform Cisco’s Security business.   Patty is a seasoned senior executive, widely recognized as a leader and innovator in cybersecurity and information technology. A successful serial entrepreneur, she has been involved in six technology startups, two of which were acquired by market leaders Cisco and Symantec, and one led to an initial public offering.   Most recently, Patty was senior vice president and general manager of consulting at Bishop Fox, the largest private offensive security testing firm. Her executive leadership experience also includes roles at Cisco and Symantec, joining each company through acquisition, while in executive roles at Neohapsis, acquired by Cisco, and @stake, a boutique consulting firm acquired by Symantec.


April 24, 2023


The Value of a Collaborative Security Community

3 min read

Security has become a C-suite topic, a business problem that requires dedicated resources to improve security resiliency. Cisco is taking a risk-based approach to tackle security problems: look at the threat, the vulnerability, the probability, and the impact of a threat (or threats) and then fortifying defenses, operations, and continuity plans accordingly.