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Cisco Optics Podcast Episode 34

Why optics are more important than ever for high end routing, with Ammar Khan. Part 6 of 6.

Cisco’s 8000 Series Router changed the game in high end routers, largely thanks to the Silicon One ASIC. It also introduced to the industry some of the first 400G ports along with Cisco’s QSFP-DD form factor pluggable optics. In Episode 34, we conclude our conversation with Ammar Khan, Product Management Leader for the 8000 Series Router. In this episode we ponder the future of optics in routing.

– Pat Chou, Cisco Optics Product Manager

Ammar received his BSEE at the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from Santa Clara University. He started his career as member of technical staff at an ASIC emulation start-up, where he worked on cutting edge ASIC and FPGA designs. His first foray into networking system design was at another startup based out of Massachusetts. He then moved to Broadcom through the company’s acquisition and launched and managed products with over $250M in revenue. In 2010 he moved to Ericsson’s IP Division and defined their edge router line with an annual revenue of over $150M. Ammar joined Cisco in 2018 and has been with the 8000 Series Router team for over 4 and half years. He has worked on various areas of the 8000 product line, including fixed and modular systems, line cards, fabrics, optics, platform security, and more.

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2:16     Future of 8000 Series routers
3:37     Coherent optics
5:47     Architectural shifts
10:03   Convergence of optical IP

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