Oseas Ramirez Assad

Senior Manager, Business Development and Innovation Enablement

Strategic Innovation Group

Oseas is an entrepreneur and “intrapreneur” originally from the city of Guadalajara, in Mexico, dubbed as Mexico’s Silicon Valley. He has also lived in the USA, Canada, and Cambodia.

His diverse background spans technology, humanities, business, and entrepreneurship. He began his career at just 17 when he co-founded a web development shop. One year later, he became CIO of one of the largest newspapers in his city and then moved on to work as CTO for Guadalajara’s first privately owned Internet Service Provider.

Later, Oseas pivoted his career, becoming a licensed Family Counselor. He held a private practice and also engaged in public speaking on human development and technology for corporations, government, and educational institutions. In addition, he taught college students how to increase their engagement and understanding, allowing him to experiment with web-based technologies. The result was the creation of his next venture—one of Mexico’s leading e-learning providers. Since then, he founded three additional startups in solar energy, digital marketing, and education-based ERP.

After completing his MBA in the USA as a Fulbright Scholar, Oseas joined Cisco to learn more about the corporate world. Now in his fourth year, he led a team responsible for developing the company’s top two percent of talent worldwide. More recently, he co-founded and led the Startup // Cisco movement, a grassroots program to inspire internal innovation. The success of this program led to Oseas’ move into the Corporate Strategic Innovation Group.

Currently, Oseas oversees the creation and management of the co-innovation process for Cisco’s global Innovation Centers. He also sits on the boards of the companies he has founded or invested in, and actively mentors startup CxOs, as well as Cisco internal innovators.


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