oseas ramirez

December 2, 2016


Forget Buying a Bus Pass, Commandeer the Entire Innovation Bus!

In my previous post, I shared the challenges of innovating within a large enterprise. I also shared some solutions, including our creation of Startup//Cisco—our grassroots effort to accelerate startup up DNA within Cisco. Since launching this program a year ago, we’ve experienced success (see my previous blog) and have made some mistakes. But we’re okay […]

October 24, 2016


Even Large Companies Can Innovate Like a Startup! Here’s How.

Innovation is hard work. Even more so at large corporations where we face not only the intrinsic challenges of innovating, but also the pains that come with size. Entrenched silos. The challenge of aligning individual performance incentives and the organization’s overall direction. Focusing on making our quarterly numbers while building for the future. And then […]