Olesya Karpova

No Longer with Cisco

Olesya Karpova is a marketing professional at Cisco with international experience in marketing, sales, business management and economic development. Working with our Collaboration Technology Group (CTG), Olesya provides marketing support on demonstrations of latest Cisco products and solutions. Previously, Olesya had worked in the Virtual Demo Center in San Jose, California, providing demonstrations on Cisco solutions to a variety of global customers.

Before joining Cisco, Olesya held a variety of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relationship Management roles in Russia. Throughout her career she has worked in a range of industries including Technology, Service Provider, Retail and Oil and Gas.  Olesya has studied International Business Management and Marketing at University of California at Berkeley and also has a diploma with Honors in Foreign Economics from Tyumen State Oil and Gas University in Russia.


October 7, 2015


My Job Moves with me Anywhere I Go

3 min read

In the last five years I have moved from Siberia to San Francisco, to Berkeley, to San Jose, to Phoenix, and now to Minneapolis. Unlike most people, moving so many times almost feels like a privilege to me. My husband and I have been able to explore the “sparkle” of Silicon Valley. We enjoyed Phoenix […]

March 23, 2015


How Telecommuting Simplifies My Workday

3 min read

For many of us, the process of getting to and from work can create frustration that resonates all day long. Do the following daily obstacles sound familiar to you? 6:15 a.m.: Wake up, feed dog, make coffee, shower, make up, style hair, dress for the office 7:30 a.m.: Drive, sit in traffic, stop by Starbucks, […]

August 20, 2014


Simplify Sales with Remote Product Demonstrations

2 min read

I spent the last eight months on the front lines of the virtual demo world for Cisco. Working from our headquarters in California, I met with people from all over the world to demonstrate our latest products — without a single plane trip. Using collaboration technology sales teams can avoid travel expenses, sell more, and […]