Ofer Iny

Cisco Fellow

Central ASIC Group

Ofer Iny is a Cisco Fellow in Cisco’s Central ASIC Group and has been at Cisco since 2016 following the acquisition of Leaba Semiconductors where he was a co-founder and CTO, leading the architecture of Cisco’s Silicon One. During his 28 years career, Ofer co-founded Dune Semiconductors, acquired by Broadcom, where he was responsible for the architecture and product definition of the industry leading Petra, Arad, and Jericho product lines. Ofer works with customers, product line managers, and the R&D groups to define next generation networking silicon optimized across applications and technology boundaries.


February 3, 2022


Cisco Silicon One Powers the Next-Generation Enterprise Switches

3 min read

The new Catalyst enterprise switches include Cisco Silicon One Q200 ASICs, delivering truly converged switching and routing silicon architecture. Learn how this creates the most powerful, power-efficient campus core switches.

February 25, 2021


Optimize Real-World Throughput with Cisco Silicon One

7 min read

Packet buffer capacity in a switch is a critical parameter that influences the throughput of a network. Ultra-high-speed switches use Static Random-Access Memory (SRAM)-based buffering, a scarce and expensive resource. Employing an innovative, fully shared architecture, Cisco Silicon One devices extract maximum and predictable performance from the available buffer.