Nichole Marcus Moreno

Leader, Digital Acceleration

CPX, Digital Experience

As the leader in the Digital Experience team, Nichole Marcus Moreno focuses on transforming digital experience for customers and partners using innovative technology, research, and diverse perspectives. Nichole thrives on harnessing the power of data and analytics and empowering individuals. Today, her team is leading the way in experience thought leadership, incubating customer-inspired ideas centered on the human connection and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace founded on kindness and compassion. Nichole currently lives in Silicon Valley. She’s a mother to three daughters, world traveler, cultural diversity champion and passionate humanitarian.


Getting to the heart of what customers want

3 min read

Listening is at the heart of every good relationship. We all want our voices to be heard, and customers are no different. But when it comes to a company as big as Cisco, listening to customers at scale so that we can build successful relationships with them is a massive undertaking.