Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, poet, author, and WWII hero fighter pilot, once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” It’s so true. All the goalposts in the world won’t help if you don’t have a plan about how to reach each one. That’s where Learning Partners and Cisco certifications come in. Together, Learning Partners and Cisco Certifications turn wishes into solid plans, offering you a solid strategy to reach your tech career destination.

Today’s tech industry demands certified employees more and more. The career trajectory for those passionate about tech runs the gamut, from the Associate-level CCNA to Expert-level CCIE certifications. In fact, Cisco certifications are hot commodities right now. CCIE, CCDE, CCNP, and DevNet Expert are somewhat of the industry darlings of tech jobs, so much so that companies are bumping up the earning potential for certified people from the Cisco Community.

Cisco Certifications: A trusted guide to upskill your career

Cisco Certifications offer you a chance to certify in ascending levels of expertise and multiple specialty and professional areas to align with your certification needs. They get you started on your tech career journey, serving as your map to help you see where you’re headed. And they can give you the opportunity to land the career you’ve always wanted or upskill to that previously elusive next level.

Cisco’s certification program is prefaced by best-in-class training that helps you learn, grow, and evolve. Our digital badge program gives you the tools to highlight every step of your career journey. With Cisco’s time-honored history of bringing quality training and testing to the Cisco Community, you know you have a worthy advocate in your corner.

You have several options as you pursue or continue your journey toward a valued Cisco Certification. These options allow you to choose a path tailored to your needs as a student, employee, and technical specialist. And just like a good travel agent, Learning Partners can guide you to the route that best suits your certification needs.

Learning Partners are your certification travel agents

Cisco Learning Partners can help you define your certification plan and build a strategic career path that can change your life. Just as travel agents book your hotel and make reservations at the best restaurants on your trip, Learning Partners can guide you toward the best learning routes, courses, and specializations to help you strategize and make your learning journey more productive.

You can find Learning Partners across the globe who can address your training requirements. And Cisco Learning Partners are tightly aligned with our training mission, which means they can bring you the most updated technology. The curriculum fully prepares you to take the Cisco Certification tests on every level.

Continuing Education offers an alternate route

When you do achieve certification, you have flexible options to recertify. As an active Associate, Specialist, Professional, or Expert certification holder, you can access a variety of eligible training items to help you recertify through the Cisco Continuing Education (CE) Program. The CE program can help you stay in step with the certified professional community and keep your skills in tune with evolving technology as you retain your active certification status. You can also use Continuing Education to maintain your Cisco certifications without having to take Cisco exams. Instead, you can take active Cisco courses to recertify.

Get inspired as Cisco Certified professionals share their personal recertification journey in “Cisco Certification Exams vs. CE: Your Route to Recertification.” Watch now.

Learning Partners can also play a pivotal role in your recertification plans. You can take courses through Cisco Learning Partners and count them toward Cisco Continuing Education (CE) credits. This option applies to anyone with active Associate-, Specialist-, Professional-, and Expert-level Cisco certifications.

So now that you have a map to plan your journey, a travel agent who can help you with details, and a strategic route to recertification, you’re all set to start your learning and certification journey.  And Cisco Learning Partners are here to help you reach your career destination.

Stay tuned for a follow-up blog on more ways Learning Partners can help you turn your wishes into solid career plans.


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Monique Rose

Learning Partner Program Manager