Min Seo

Product Manager

IBN Networks, Enterprise Networks Switching

Min Seo is a product manager, part of the IBN Networks, Enterprise Networks Switching team. She has various experiences in areas such as ecommerce, the non-profit sector, and startups. She has had multiple roles in product management, product marketing, and startup businesses in Korea, Japan, and the U.S. She focuses on developing enterprise networking products and business transformation strategy to help enterprise customers adopt and manage network services and innovations. She has a bachelor’s degree from Korea University and an MBA from Cornell University. Outside of Cisco, she runs 5K every day and loves to see standup comedy shows.


October 8, 2020


Introducing Cisco Catalyst PON Series – a fresh look at GPON for the enterprise

5 min read

The Cisco Catalyst PON Series provides the switching at the active ends of the PON distribution network, specifically the network facing Optical Line Terminals (OLT) and user facing Optical Network Terminals (ONT).