Michael Whitley

Manager, Software Development Engineering

Services Network Management

Michael Whitley is the Software Development Manager responsible for Cisco Active Advisor and is a thought leader for Cisco in the areas of SaaS, DevOps, Agile Software Development, and User Centered Design.

Michael joined Cisco in 2005 and has built cloud-based solutions for Cisco addressing a variety of topics including Network Management, Monitoring, VoIP, and Risk Assessment. He is an advocate for highly scalable web applications and represented Cisco on the HTML5 working group.


October 21, 2015


Cisco Active Advisor: Get the Most From Your Enterprise Network

2 min read

When I was little, my father kept our family car in tip-top shape. He overhauled brakes, rebuilt engines, tuned carburetors, and swapped out suspensions. He could do just about anything, and he knew every component, inside and out. From an early age, I enjoyed “helping” my father whenever there was a chance. I handed him […]