Mei May Soo

Analytics Manager

BI & Analytics

Mei May Soo is an Analytics Manager based in Singapore. She leads a team of analytics and data science professionals in Asia Pacific, partnering closely with the business to provide insights and intelligence for tactical and strategical decision-making.

A graduate in Analytical Economics and coming from a background of Finance, Accounting, Procurement and Logistics in her previous roles, Mei May is no stranger to data and analytics. Always innovative and in the forefront of change, she is most passionate about transforming data into wisdom, individuals into teams, good into best. Since taking up the helm of leadership, she has led the team through a multi-year journey that transformed them to world class analytics practitioners and trusted business partners to the sales organization. Some of her team’s achievements include the analytics behind the APJ Volume business and analytics for competitive programs like Beat Huawei.

Mei May lives in Singapore with her husband and two baby girls. She believes that a healthy diet, moderate exercises and a positive mental state are the ingredients to a happy life. Although she was into mountaineering and snowboarding during the days she lived in Japan, now she indulges in gardening; growing herbs, vegetables and fruits for her family and neighbors too. When the babies are grown, she hopes to take them on hikes and snow adventures back on the Japanese mountains.


May 15, 2018


The Problem with Algorithms

3 min read

Mei May shares why she loves where she works, and what that means to her as a mom. Spoiler Alert: Kids operate with a separate set of algorithms.