Marifer Castillo Ramos

Business Operations Manager

CX Global Staffing

Marifer Castillo is a Business Operations Manager and Team Lead based out of Mexico City. Marifer joined Cisco in 2017, and since then, she has been passionate about adding value to stakeholders with the power of active listening, leadership, communication, and strategic planning. She is the Inclusion & Collaboration Mexico Co-Lead, always committed to showing her true colors, inclusion, diversity, and belonging. When she's not at Cisco, Marifer indulges her passion for music as a metal singer and animal lover, always looking to give back to the community.


February 13, 2024


The We Are Cisco Singers: The Power of Authenticity and Connection

3 min read

Business Operations Manager Marifer started the We Are Cisco Singers as a way to connect when that was difficult, and it was an idea that changed her life.