Kyle Connor


Global Transportation Industry

Kyle Connor has almost 2 decades of experience in mission critical networks. As the Transportation Industry Principal for Cisco, Kyle is responsible for creating proven IoT based solutions that solve real world needs for the transportation industry.

Kyle has an Electrical Engineering degree from Texas Tech University, Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering. His employment history includes engineering, sales, and management positions with Boeing, Airbus Defense and Space, Lockheed Martin, and Harris Corporation.

Mr. Connor’s background in technology and innovative solutions has helped him be successful in delivering a state-of-the-art IP CCTV network along side multiple critical data and voice networks at DFW International Airport as well as numerous other solutions with large transportation agencies.

Kyle Connor is an advisor to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Americas V2I Technical Working Group, Officer of the Board of Government Wireless Technology & Communications Association; he has been published in several trade journals, and has been featured in various podcast, panels, and webinars on the topic of transportation.

While safety and security are at the top of mind for most transportation agencies they are also seeking to improve operational efficiency, return on investment, and the overall passenger experience. Kyle represents Cisco’s IoT Solutions team and focuses on business outcome solutions for transportation providers.


July 26, 2023


Connecting DOTs with IoT for Intelligent Transportation Systems

4 min read

Network connectivity for roadway devices is increasingly important as traffic engineers are tasked with connecting new devices and systems, along with existing infrastructure, as part of an intelligent transport system (ITS). As traffic congestion and the number of pedestrians and connected cars on the road are all increasing, network connectivity will enable real-time use cases to realize new transportation goals.

August 18, 2020


The future of traffic management

2 min read

Learn how sensors and other IoT technologies can help connect intersections and make them more efficient.

August 13, 2020


Transportation Refresh: Finding the Way Forward

3 min read

While the "next normal" is still being defined, transportation agencies continue working the front lines. In parallel, they are trying to evolve more rapidly than government or the slow-moving industry (pun intended) typically allows.